About the project

About Hucbald

Study association Hucbald, for Musicology students at Utrecht University, has been active since 1941. Since its origins as a space where students sung together and presented their own compositions, it has developed as an association for typical Dutch gezelligheid and musicological activities.


About the remembrance project

Until a few years ago, choir singing was part of the Musicology course. When it was scrapped from the curriculum, Hucbald decided to take matters into their own hands. They organised a memorial concert, which will be organised for the ninth time this year. The choir and orchestra have been formed exclusively for this occasion. Many choir members have no or little experience, but through the course of the project they’ve worked hard on the result that they will be proud to present on May 4.


This year, the choir will perform the Requiem by Gabriël Fauré. He did not write it with a fear of death in mind, but rather tried to present death as a comforting and peaceful experience.

To accompany this serene requiem, the choir will also sing Ave Maris Stella by Edvard Grieg, a calm spiritual piece based on an ancient hymn, and Bogoroditse Devo by Sergei Rachmaninoff, which focuses on the pure expression of religious emotion, unlike this composer’s other works.



Benson Walch is the conductor for this year’s project. After concluding his studies in Music in Education, specialising in Orchestra and Choir Conducting, he finished a bachelor and master degree in Musicology at Utrecht University. At the moment he works as a musician, music teacher and conductor at several schools, orchestras and choirs.


Gilad Nezer (baritone) has been a part of the Netherlands Chamber Choir since 2004. He also regularly sings in other ensembles, recitals, operas and oratoria. He is specialised in Jewish liturgical singing. Gilad’s passion is connecting people through musical interaction. To this end, he founded the KeyNote Foundation in 2011, which organises musical group activities and concerts at nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals and more.

After getting her PhD in Musicology, Irma ten Brinke (soprano) studied classical singing in Utrecht, Rotterdam and Paris. She sang solos in a great number of works by famous composers including Bach, Händel, Beethoven and Verdi. She has also sung in operas, recitals and the choir Capella Isalana, where she performed a solo in the world premiere of Jan Welmers’ Licht en Donker IV.

The Committee

Within Study Association Hucbald, the Remembrance Committee is responsible for organising the concert. The Remembrance Committee 2017-2018 is:

Olaf van der Aart – Chairman

Larissa Kaptijn – Treasurer

Jeroen Berg – Secretary

Paula Rozendal – Head of the choir

Marloes Meijer – Head of the orchestra

Moira de Kok – Head of PR and marketing

From left to right: Olaf van der Aart, Moira de Kok, Marloes Meijer, Paula Rozendal, Larissa Kaptijn, Jeroen Berg.




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